Soul Mates

I recently came across an article that spoke about the different types of soul mates you will encounter in your life. I believe in soul mates, I also believe that not all soul mates are romantic in nature. In fact, I feel that most soul mates become the best friendships in your lifetime. I have already met several of my soul mates in this short span of my life.

According to this article there are four types of soul mates you will have the pleasure of discovering in your lifetime. The first is the healing soul mate. This person comes into your life with one purpose and one purpose only; to help you burst through your past and move forward. They are like a God send to most, arriving at the exact moment you need them. These soul mates have lived your pain and struggles already and help you get over yours by guiding you. They help you learn from their mistakes, in return, you are a better you for it. I have met several healers in my time. One came around right after the Master Reset Day. He helped to show me just how much I am admired by the people around me. He made me believe in my worth again and showed me just how fun life could really be. Come to find out, he too had thoughts and episodes like I did and he never wanted me to relive that pain. He truly was a God send arriving just when I needed something or someone to believe in.

The second type are past life soul mates. These people you have a strong connection to because you have known them before. This bond will last a lifetime and will follow you into your next lives. This type of soul mate is the type of person you can just be your true genuine self with. No mask, no judgement, no shame, just your pure unadulterated selves. These people do not bring any pain or suffering into your life. A majority of my soul mates fall into this group. From my very first warrior, to my roommate for life, to my boss-mentor. I have reconnected with these souls time and time again.

The third is a karmic soul mate. This type of soul mate is almost toxic in nature because they bring a lot of pain with them. These soul mates are here to teach you a lesson you have yet to fully understand or atone for. There is ego and suffering associated with them. If you are able to learn the lesson the universe is trying to teach you with your karmic soul mate, work through the ego together, this person becomes your greatest love. If not, it all goes down in flames and you’re left wondering “what the fuck universe?!” I have met this person for sure and we have yet to transcend the ego. We are both very much caught up in our karmic stew together, but I believe him to be my twin. I am going to try my damnest to break free of the ego so we can release our gifts to the universe.

Last of the soul mates are the twin flames. These are the special ones. They transcend the ego and are the mirror of you. This person can finish your sentence or know exactly what you mean by just a look. It’s almost like an extension on yourself. Your twin. You will definitely know when you have met your twin flame. The connection is crazy fast and strong. It’s like that feeling of you’ve been searching forever all alone on an island and wham! Here is a person and they are the perfect person. I’ve met this person, twice. There is a catch-22 with twin flames, if one person screws up the dynamic, reverts back to the ego, the whole thing will blow up and catastrophically. If you are able to nourish the bond, it will be one you both will enjoy for a lifetime. I am pretty sure I am the one that screwed up the first time a twin came around. I refuse to repeat my past mistakes with the second.

It is important to note that soul mates can change in type depending on how you nourish and evolve the relationship. A healer can become a twin; a twin a karmic or vis-versa. Or they just are who they are, it all depends on the vibe you put out into the universe.

Over the next few weeks, I will introduce everyone to the soul mates that have made a lasting impact on my journey. Until then, I would love to hear about your experiences with yours. Drop a message :)

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