Shout-out to the Village of Father's

I have a Father, in my eyes he is the best damn Father in the world. He is not without flaws, definitely a product of his circumstance but also a an outlier of it. I can picture a million different ways his life could have gone, but it didn’t. Instead I am blessed enough to have him as a Father. He didn’t always show up in my life, but he showed up at some point. He went on his own journey of self-discovery much like I am now, which allowed for him to right his wrongs that I felt he had committed against me. I realize now that it was all a one-sided perception from a young mind that couldn’t see any differently or take responsibility for her own actions. He is the best Father for me. He taught me how to open my third eye and see life from a spiritual perspective. He taught me the way of the universe and encouraged every whacky thing I embraced. He would tell me, actually to this day still tells me that I was born of a special star. He never let’s me forget my light and he has never done anything to dull it. He believes in me unconditionally. He gave me the tools to be my own person and the guidance to be a decent human in this life. I love my Father. I know his one goal in life was to raise his only daughter and two sons to be a much better version of himself. He would tell you he succeeded. I owe my Father everything, I strive to give him back the world like he gave it to me. To my Big Poppa, I love you. Thank you for being the man I needed to survive this thing we call life.

It takes a village. I truly believe that. It takes a village to raise a family. First and foremost you have your parents. They are the first to lay the foundation, then you meet guides and mentors on the way to help fill in the gaps. These are my sub-dad’s. Men that have been a constant in my life that have set the example for me. Men who travel the same journey as me and continue to be just as invested in me as my own Father is. Without these men I would lack the greater knowledge and experience to help me navigate through life. These men, although not my Father, deserve a shout-out too. Thank you for your guidance and support, thank you for knowing it takes a village and jumping in to offer your support to my parents. Without your added knowledge, who knows what life would be.

To the father of my little fox; I couldn’t ask for anyone better to raise a child with. I know I may not affirm this as much as you need, but you are doing a great job. I know I can hold you to what seems like impossible standards at times, it’s because of Little Fox. I know we both want the same for him, I never doubt that, parenting together is the one thing we unequivocally got correct. You went from not wanting this life to absolutely embracing it. Your evolution is something that still manages to warm my heart. I see how our fox smiles at you and looks at you with complete admiration and I feel in that moment that everything will be ok. I am forever grateful that we decided to raise this beautiful child together. I will forever respect the man you are because of the Father you are. Little Fox is lucky to have you as his daddy. Thank you for showing up and thank you for being present. We couldn’t do this without you. I mean that, without your guidance and perspective I would be lost trying to raise this crazy, emotional, free spirit on my own.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers whether biological or not. It takes a special someone to do this and you all are truly special. While I hope you are always appreciated for your efforts; take a moment today to appreciate it for yourself.

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